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What kind of electric cars is the most ideal truck

Today, electric forklift series has become the industry's customers and friends compare favor of material handling equipment...

Today, electric forklift series has become the industry's customers and friends compare favor of material handling equipment, manual forklifts and internal combustion forklifts market share has gradually declined, due to the people for energy saving, environmentally-depth understanding of the concept, electric cars, electric stacker Forklift trucks will become the new century, the most popular materials and equipment. 

So, Xiao Bian here for our friends to briefly explain what kind of electric truck is the ideal truck? 


First, high performance and high reliability 

For customers of electric truck accessories is the most critical part of the overall quality accessories to ensure product performance: 1. AC drive system makes electric cars more responsive, more precise control, run more smoothly. 2. AC drive motor provides more power under full load conditions, continue to maintain high-speed operation, climbing more than 8 percent of the full load capacity, so that a wider and more efficient operations. 3. AC controller, reliable quality, excellent performance, with regenerative braking, reverse braking and feature a variety of adjustable parameters, allows the movement to achieve the best performance of the vehicle under different operating states. 4 class hydraulic station, good low noise, small vibration, sealing performance, no load full load lowering speed is automatically adjusted to ensure smooth and reliable lifting decline. 5. High-intensity electric truck body design, suitable for high-intensity workplace, long service life. 6. Choose quality and reliable American AMP waterproof connectors and electrical parts, all the wires, cables have reliable protection, greatly reducing electrical fault. 


Second, the safety factor 

All the mechanical materials and equipment must be something in the security design, it is difficult for long-term development, electric cars are no exception, security is the most important equipment. Niu Li design electric cars: 1. Front electric truck designed circular plate on the frame, so that the front frame to improve safety during ascent, to avoid pinch accident. 2. After the electric arc-shaped frame truck design to ensure that the car driving through the resistance, the precise design of the body edge above ground to avoid the operator's feet hurt. 3. Emergency reverse driving capabilities, driving backwards in the process, once the operator behind the hit object, the operator would be a natural reaction of the body hit the reverse button on the handle, the car made an emergency reverse driving, allowing the operator to avoid being hurt. 4. Emergency power plug as standard pieces, just pull the plug pieces can be cut off all power to the car immediately stopped. 5. Anti-skid braking function, so that the car lost control when driving or slope to prevent its decline. 


Third, easy to operate 

Electric cars more easy, more like friends by the majority of customers. Due easy to operate, simple and to the advantage of high efficiency also allows electric cars to go off quickly in the market. How easy to operate: 1. Electric cars handle human-computer design head, beautiful, simple, all operating functions can be easily achieved in a simple button on the handle. 2. Electric truck design of man-machine control handle, easy right-hand operation, improving driving comfort. 3. The longer the bar handle, the steering force is greatly reduced, so that more light manipulation. 4. Handle steering angle greater than 180 degrees, the vehicle body is shorter, so the car is small turning radius, increasing the flexibility of operation. 5. Slow travel functions, the handle is nearly vertical, travel speed is automatically reduced to facilitate accurate operation in confined spaces. 


Fourth, easy to maintain 

Relaxed and easy to operate, easy to maintain leaving customers peace of mind, rest assured. It is also easier to use, and how easy to maintain: 1. AC drive motor, brushless, basically no maintenance, greatly reducing maintenance costs. 2. The controller self-diagnosis system, a handheld unit displays the fault code troubleshooting easier. 3. Timers and gauge as standard, easy to alert the operator timely charge. 4. The body's own quick and easy disassembly, remove only two screws to remove the back cover, the key components can be detected immediately repair, replace every car parts in the shortest time. 5. Battery cover is easy to open, easy to add distilled water or electrolyte battery. 6. Use vertical motors, the detection motors, brakes, etc., direct and convenient maintenance, repair performance is much better than the transverse motor.