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Chery A3 sedan recalls do not place Yin Zhengyi

September 2013, Chery Automobile Co., Ltd. announced that the affected ABS / ESP module Motor batch quality problem, recall July 17...

September 2013, Chery Automobile Co., Ltd. announced that the affected ABS / ESP module Motor batch quality problem, recall July 17, 2008 to May 31, 2009 Chery A3 car parts production, totaling 17,537 . It is reported that Chery Automobile of the issues related to the recall, mainly provided by the U.S. TRW ABS / ESP pump quality defects caused. Since the batch problem ABS / ESP module motors are brushless materials may cause the pump motor does not work, so ABS malfunction lamp is lit. In fact, TRW also provide product quality problems related to the Changan Ford Automobile and Shanghai Automotive two companies. Affected by this, the two companies were in March 2012 and December 2012 announcement, recalled more than 60,000 vehicles each Mondeo - winning, Maike Si and 1.7 million vehicles Roewe 550.



Chery announced the recall of defective products later in the same batch of these two auto companies a year and a half and nine months, which itself had caused many owners unhappy. Leaving owners wondering quality Chery A3 although announced the recall of 17,000 vehicles, but in practice the recall process, many of the vehicles belonging to the manufacturers announced the recall but was excluded from the scope beyond recall.


According to the Chinese automotive quality network coverage, A3 car owners from Beijing Lee reflects its May 2009 purchase of Chery A3 production line with manufacturers announced the recall date range, and ABS fault lights are lit, the vehicle lost ABS / ESP function. But judging by the 4S shop is given after checking the type of fault does not belong to the scope of the recall. 

Changan Ford and recall policy is different and Shanghai Automotive, Chery in the recall announcement for maintenance measures described as "vehicles will be checked within the scope of the recall and problem free vehicle replacement ABS / ESP module hydraulic control unit to eliminate security risks. " That is, if the manufacturers do not think there is a problem, probably will not be for the vehicle maintenance treatment. According to some owners introduced in the actual inspection process, Chery 4S shop is also not in the vehicle VIN code as a basis, but with ABS / ESP coding judgment.


It is understood that the domestic implementation of defective auto product recall system since most companies once the scope of the recall announcement, the product will be within the scope of the recall of all the free maintenance treatment. Such as Chery vehicles within the scope of the recall also confirmed the practice is relatively rare.


According to the China Automotive Quality Network reported that for this problem, Chery responded that the to the State Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine applications submitted recall clearly recall the reason ABS / ESP pump motor brushes in batch quality problems, leading to ABS / ESP pump motor failure failure. Due to the impact ABS / ESP lights many factors, so it is necessary to do further examination to confirm the real reason. (Xiao Jie)