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Modern kitchen good helper

Before the residue after washing dishes every day, left hand to remove residue from the pool to put into garbage bags, which inevitably there are some leakage into the sewer blockage caused...

"Before the residue after washing dishes every day, left hand to remove residue from the pool to put into garbage bags, which inevitably there are some leakage into the sewer blockage caused, not only to clean up can be tricky, and if broken garbage bags drain, sewage will pollute the floor. really very stressful. "Speaking of trouble to pack food waste time ago, who lives in Xi'an Naidu full of complaints. "Now fitted kitchen garbage processor, much more convenient, it is really a good helper for housewives." I believe many people have such an experience Naidu, leftover food residue, melons, fruit every day to clean up the garbage debris, cleaning up is not easy, and kitchen waste processor of this modern kitchen appliances are emerging as It solves the problem, but also to clean up emissions from household waste becomes an easy clean work. Kitchen waste processor is usually installed at the bottom of the kitchen sink, and connected with the drain. It is driven by AC or DC motor cutter, using centrifugal force to crush food waste after crushing cavity into the sewer. Grinding chamber has a filtering effect, automatically block food solids; cutter features a 360-degree rotation of the impact head, no razor, safe, durable, maintenance-free, can be easily turnips vegetables tail, leftovers and other foods of the kitchen After crushing trash into the sewer. After crushing the particle diameter is less than 4 mm, not clog drains and sewers. Can be easily achieved instant, convenient, efficient kitchen clean to avoid food waste due to storage and breeding bacteria, mosquitoes and smell, thereby creating a healthy, clean, beautiful kitchen environment. Now do a master road building materials market in Beijing Yuquan Road, Shijingshan processor sales in the garbage, "Compared with the past, we understand more of the waste processor, and demand more of." Road master, said: "If said just before the modern kitchen concept, so now more intelligent, lightweight of kitchen time has come. many property developers have introduced this concept in your own kitchen design, waste processors adding that embodies the concept of good . " According to road master introduced, compared to foreign food waste processor, domestic food waste disposers is also able to improve on the performance does not lag behind. The first is a special alloy alloy pestle grinding technology, food waste disposers pestle grinding disc, using the hammer, cut, tear, grinding four movements crushing trash, garbage according to the intensity automatically adjusts the working position. In addition to metal, stone, ceramics, glass and other non-kitchen waste superhard objects, in general garbage can handle. Followed by grinding disc, grinding unique features, enabling all to achieve a special garbage grinding fineness, after crushing, coarse and fine filtration through two holes automatic separation of garbage, trash into thin slurry into a liquid with the water flowing into the pipeline; After slightly coarse refuse will continue to stay in the cutter pulverized into powder, with the water inflow pipe. A working ten seconds. There are noise problems consumers are most concerned about, "domestic waste processor crushing plate mostly using an equilateral triangle equilibrium point crushing alloy pestle, with good balance and stable performance, low electrical noise, strong vibration resistance." Lu said the master. More importantly, the general waste disposers are built-carbon brushes, carbon brush wear once finished, the machine should scrap processing, and the use of external domestic product, which allows the machine to extend the service life of more than three times. Not only that, for the domestic pool drain vegetables of different diameters, the domestic waste processor chip through a simple adjustable handle can be installed on any size kitchen sink drain. Road Master also remind consumers to choose when selecting a suitable waste disposal machine, but also understand the amount of daily waste of their own home, with particular attention to whether it can be compatible with the sink at home.