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Shuyang: developments built on the industry chain

Moment, by the Headquarters Office of Shuyang investment and research centers County Industrial published the "Shuyang Industry Investment Guide"...

Suqian News Network (Wu Xu Lu said Su) 


Moment, by the Headquarters Office of Shuyang investment and research centers County Industrial published the "Shuyang Industry Investment Guide" as the county's "Hundred Regiments hundred Bureau" professional investment staff of "hot demand." This brochure details the circulation from R & D, production and processing to marketing, sales, all aspects of the lack of chain project, what type of items missing, the geographical distribution of these projects, what are the key enterprises in these areas, etc., for the county Merchants carried up and down the chain provides a "road map." 

According to Shuyang relevant person in charge, in recent years, the county of the "leak filled, chain investment, improve the supporting" as an important measure to promote intensive industries, clusters, cluster development, accelerate the development of supporting industries to improve the chain. 

To this end, focusing on the well-known industry Shuyang Institute, research institutes cooperation, have established the Institute of Textile and Apparel Industry 12, electronic information, new energy and energy saving, wood processing, agro-processing, etc., to strengthen the industrial chain core areas of research, and strive chain around convergence, supporting up and down, back and forth integration. The county have introduced investment of 10 billion yuan Jiang Su Tengsheng Textile Engineering Group, invested $ 150 million in AAC precision electronics, Eurasian invest 4.5 billion yuan and a number of major film projects, which not only lengthen the chain and enhance the quality of state industries and industrial level. 

Complete industrial chain is the basis for the development of modern industry, is also an important weight in the region's investment environment. By luring promote a strong industrial chain project in 2013, Shuyang wood processing, textiles and garments, metal rolling, machinery and electronics industries are the four main business income of 21.6 billion yuan, 10.8 billion yuan, 11.3 billion yuan, 13.6 billion yuan, 4 ten billion industry turned out, marking the county in order to promote industrial agglomeration chain restructuring and development, innovation and development has achieved significant results. 

In production Shuyang, vitamin E, biaxially oriented polyester film, painted wood, covered yarn and other products has become the country 'singles champion ", government and business working together to attract large projects through the industry chain, accelerate the development, design, production, marketing and other aspects of the "all-round champion" forward. 

Invest 300 million yuan in Jiangsu Song and Song Intelligent Machinery Co., Ltd., is China's electronic jacquard key manufacturing enterprises, with an annual output 2,000 sets of air-jet looms, electronic jacquard 3,000 sets, the domestic market share of over 50%. The company has developed intelligent functions will figure digital photo tapestry woven tapestry, woven pattern lines and smooth, vivid, and expansion of the overall strength of Shuyang both high-end equipment manufacturing industry, but also accelerated the county's textile and garment industry from upstream R & D , textile machinery and equipment to the middle reaches of spinning, weaving, dyeing and garment production and then downstream to form a complete industrial chain. 

According to a key chain industry has identified potential investment company, is a major feature of Shuyang investment. With the national high-tech enterprises, listed companies - New Territories Pump successfully settled, has gathered 26 enterprises producing electromechanical valve settled, including the formation of stainless steel, mold, motor housing, motor bearings, fan motors, motor coil , motor brush motor production and processing of complete industrial chain. Jiangsu brothers under the guidance of the piston, 24 enterprises producing auto parts industry built up a new path from the car wheels, tires, new energy battery, standard parts, automotive pistons, automotive wiring harness to the vehicle converted. 

One quarter of this year, the introduction of industrial projects in the county more than 24 billion yuan, an agreement to invest 7.27 billion yuan, of which more than 500 million yuan in fixed assets investment in large projects 7. These projects are in urgent need of the industry chain supporting enterprises, covering a number of industries of electronic information, equipment manufacturing, new materials, new energy, etc. These "built on the industry chain project" will be a strong impetus to the industrial sinews and bones ShuYang , bigger and stronger.